I spent several years searching for a prototype location to use as inspiration for my first module. I was looking for a location that would allow some local switching, but might also be useable as an endpoint of a layout. My prototype railroad of chocie is the Frisco, so a location on the Frisco would be prefered to locations on other railroads.

There were many candidate locations, but none really jumped out and said "this is it" until Karl Brand started posting his Father's field drawings of the Frisco Clinton Subdivision to the Frisco Library on http://www.frisco.org. Karl's father was in charge of MOW for the line, and his field drawings are very nice for modeling purposes.

The prototype Blairstown location was actually the end of the line for a time durring the 1970s. There were timber tressles at each end of Blairstown. The one on the northern end of town caught fire in 1976, so Blairstown was serviced by the local from the south (originating in Springfield,MO). In 1977, the southern tresle caught fire, and the trackage was embargoed. The trackage to Blairstown was formally abandoned between October 1979 and February 1980.

Blairstown Module Track Plan

The track plan above depicts the Blairstown module as designed. The final track layout varies slightly, mainly due to the use of Atlas number 10 turnouts instead of NMRA standard #10 turnouts.

The Blairstown module currently has complete trackwork and some scenery. All of the structures are assembled, though some of them still need to be weathered. The module was in running order for the N-scale convention in Louisville in June 2008, and appeared in the Free-moN layout there. A few photos of the module in its current state can be found here.

The module appeared in its second show at the 2012 NTS in Grand Rapids.

Construction of wireless control panels for the Blairstown module is covered on here.

Index of Photos of the Blairstown,MO Free-moN module

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