I needed a corner on the home layout version of the Clinton Subdivision. I choose the town of East Lynne,MO, as the location because the prototype is on a curve between Harrisonville and Blairstown.

At East Lynne, the frisco had a connection to a former MKT line. The Frisco served a grain elevator on the line, and also used a trestle as a team-track for unloading bulk commodities.

East Lynne Module Track Plan

As of June 1,2013, All trackwork has been completed, including bridges. Switch linkages still need to be installed. Scenery work has begun. A few photos of the East Lynne module in its current state can be found here.

NOTE: Strictly speaking, East Lynne is not a Free-moN module. It does not comply with the minimum radius standard.

Index of Photos of the East Lynne,MO, Free-moN module

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