While the Blairstown module filled several needs for an opeating Free-moN layout, I have a large interest in exploring the freedom provided by the Free-mo standards. I decided my next module would depict a crossing at grade between two railroads. Furthermore, I wanted the module to allow connecting tracks to all 4 sides of the diamond. Additionally, I wanted the diamond to be protoected by a simple mechanical device, an electrically locked gate.

The electrically locked gate is was a critical factor in finding an appropriate location. The electrically locked gate would indicate that one of the two lines was signalled and the other line was dark teritory. The electric locks prevent the gate from being opened when a train is allowed through the crossing on the signalled line.

Given my interest in the Frisco, I looked through my collection of employee timetables for a location of interest, and came up with 3 candidates. I decided on Harrisonville,MO, a location north of Blairstown on the Clinton subdivision. Harrisonville features 2 gated crossings between the Frisco and the Missouri Pacific's White River Line.

Harrisonville Track Plan

Note for the purrists: the abandoned Katy right of (dashed lines in the plan) way should cross the Frisco and end up between the MoPac and the Frisco, but I made it cross both lines so that it would not intersect an endplate.

All mainline track on the 3 main components was completed so that the module could appear in its first show, the 2012 NTS in Grand Rapids. At that point, only the lead from the diamond to the endplate for the industrial peninsula was left on these modules. The track leading to the industrial peninsula was hand laid using code 40 rail during the Fall of 2012. The track on the industrial peninsula was hand laid using code 40 rail. A few photos of the module in its current state can be found here.

Photos of the Harrisonville,MO, Free-moN Module

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Prototype Photos at Harrisonville,MO

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