Turner,MO Free-moN Module

Turner,MO (sometimes identified as "Turners" or "Turner Station") is located at Milepost 211.7 on the BNSF Thayer North Subdivision of the Springfield Division. This subdivision is the Mainline from Springfield,MO to Memphis,TN.

First, here is a link to the googlemaps page showing Turner,MO.

Here are some photos I have taken from the side of FR-219. All Photos were taken December 31,2005, unless otherwise noted.

First, looking Railroad West (Towards Springfield,MO):

Next, looking Railroad East (Towards Memphis,TN):

It's difficult to tell from the photograph, but the siding has concrete ties, while the mainline has wooden ties. The siding is about 500 feet in length. I personally have only seen the siding used to store MOW equipment. This siding was constructed sometime after the year 2000.

You can also see in this photograph that there is a signal at the far end of the siding. This is an intermediate signal. The stoplight style signal shown in the photo replaced a searchlight signal.

And here are some examples of why I love this location as a backdrop for taking pictures of trains:

For non-railroad interest, there are a couple of neat buildings on the South side of the tracks which includes a combination general store and post office. The old searchlight signal is upright next to the general store/post office building. I have photos of these structures, but they need to be scanned in.

Historically, Turner on the Frisco had a combination passenger/freigh station. Photos of which can be seen on the web at: Springfield-Greene County Missouri Library Website Jack Forbes' Missouri Depots Website and The Resource Center at Frisco.org. The Resource Center at Frisco.org also includes a floorplan diagram for the depot.

Frisco System Timetable #1, Effective October 17,1971, indicates Turner included a track with capacity of 48 cars (approximatly 2500 feet in length), with a connection Railroad South (on the Springfield Side of Turner). This siding is shown in some of the depot images above.

If I can locate historically accurate maps of the area, I plan on modeling the area as it appeared in the 1970s.