Amtrak's Three Rivers, Circa 2002

My example of an Amtrak train including RoadRailers is the Three Rivers between New York and Chicago via the former Pennsylvania Railroad. Here is an example of the train (both prototype and model). The prototype example was recorded at Altoona,PA on May 25th, 2002.


Prototype Photo Description Model Photo
AMTK 142 and AMTK199 on the Three Rivers Motive power of the era typically consisted of 2 P42s, though other power was also used. Kato P42 locomotives 52 and 5
3 Material Handling Cars and a heritage baggage on the Three Rivers Head end cars consisted of several Material Handling Cars and one or more Heritage baggage cars. These cars are equipped for HEP Two Amtrak Baggage cars and an MHC (All Kato)
A viewliner Sleeper in the Three Rivers A Viewliner Sleeping car Amtrak View Liner Sleeper (Con-Cor)
A horizon Dinette in the Three Rivers The next car in the train was a Dinette or Cafe car Amtrak Amfleet Lounge/Cafe (Kato)
Amfleet coache on the Three Rivers Several coaches (typically 3) completed the passenger carrying portion of the train Amtrak Amfleet Coaches (Kato)
a Material Handling Car and 2 boxcars on the Three Rivers The coaches were followed by more Material Handling Cars and Boxcars. These cars were not required to be equipped for HEP. Amtrak MHC (Kato)
Roadrailers on the rear of the Three Rivers RoadRailers brought up the rear of the train. Amtrak Roadrailers (Deluxe Innovations)
another roadrailer on the Three Rivers More RoadRailers. Amtrak Roadrailers (Deluxe Innovations)
The RoadRailers were in groups to facilitate removal at intermediate points. Each group had a couplermate on each end. This differed from the practice of other RoadRailers users. 2 CouplerMates between roadrailer groups (Deluxe Innovations)

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