Scratchbuilding and Kitbashing Ideas

A reasonable representation of a Gunderson MAXI STACK I can be kitbashed from the Deluxe Innovations model of a Gunderson TWIN STACK. The prototype MAXI STACK was essentially a TWIN STACK without the bulkheads. Details of how to perform this conversion to an HO scale A-Line TWIN STACK appear in Highlands Station's Intermodal Modeler's Guide Volume 2, The techniques presented in the article can be applied to the Deluxe Model.
Update: I have recently learned of one modeler who has done this conversion. This model was built by Ron Trowbridge. Here are 5 pictures of the model:
side view of entire car
3/4 view of the car showing the B end
Closeup of one end of the car
Side view showing ladders and intermediate platforms
Overhead view of raised walkways on intermediate platforms
Photos courtesy Ted Curphey. more of Ron's and Ted's work can be seen on Ted's website

Also in Highlands Station's Intermodal Modeler's Guide Volume 2, there is an article by Doug Geiger about detailing and kitbashing the MicroTrains Line 89' 4" flatcars. Included are details for building 6 variations currently operated by TTX. Included is the unique triple 57 cars which are capable of carrying 3 57 foot trailers. This article originally appeared in the July 1996 issue of Model Railroading
Several people have scratchbuilt Intermodal container ships out of wood and plastic, notable examples are two sets of N-trak modules built by Bernard Kempinski of Northern Virginia N-Trak who has built two container ships for his Chase Marine Terminal and Chase Marine Terminal II modules.
Dennis Miller scratch built an N-Scale Mi-Jack crane based off of plans and articles on how to do it in HO scale in the February,March,April,and May 1994 issues of ModelRailroading Magazine. You can see pictures of the finished model here.
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